Edmonton International Airport Expansion Blinds

We supplied the blinds for the Expansion of the Edmonton International Airport. This is a really interesting and complicated project. They wanted sun control blinds. So what that means, is that the shades would automatically rise and fall based on the position of the sun in the sky.

Areas that don’t have direct sunlight have the blinds open, to increase natural light. And sections with direct sun exposure would have the blinds rolled down, to reduce uncomfortable glare.

The height of these blinds also added a lot of complexity to the project. It is pretty simple to install a home shade at eye level. It is a completely different beast to install a shade 40 feet in the air, that is 6 feet wide and 15 tall.


Blind Magic supplied and installed hundreds of extremely wide and tall, computer-controlled motorized roller shades. With the assistance of a rooftop sun sensor mounted to the top building’s curved architecture, our shades roll up and down depending on the sun’s intensity.  Our Altex SunProject shades operate daily to provide adequate sun shading to all EIA’s airport customers.

Design and Construction

General Contractor

  • PCL

Our Subcontract Scope of Work

Supply and install:

  • 442  motorized shades
  • 100 manual shades
  • 100 cloth vertical blinds

Approved Window Coverings

  • SunProject Altex commercial roll shades

Job Safety Record

  • C.O.R documentation maintained and recorded
  • Zero Injuries
  • No Near Misses
  • Zero Lost Man Hours

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