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Hunter Douglas Rechargeable Battery Wand with Dock
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Rechargeable Battery Wands

Rechargeable Battery Wand brings convenient, long-lasting power to Hunter Douglas automated shading products. Discreetly concealed behind the headrail, yet easy to remove, recharge, and replace, the slim Rechargeable Battery Wand doesn’t mar the beauty of your window treatments.

Upgrade Battery Powered Blinds Wand

Upgrade Today!

At Blind Magic, we believe that every window should have the best options possible. As these wands are a new technology from 2020, there are plenty of automated blinds that could use this upgrade. If your blinds that one of the following systems, it will have a Battery installed:

The Benefits

AA Battery Pack - Rechargeable Wand

No more buying AA batteries

The standard battery-operated wand requires 12 AA batteries to operate. With that many batteries, you will spend roughly $21 every 6 months (depending on usage) which will continue to add up over many years since the blinds are made to last a long time.
Battery Charge - Rechargeable Wand

Never Lose Power

Over time, the standard alkaline batteries will lose power draw the lower the battery gets and slow down the operation of your blind until replaced with a full battery.

The Rechargeable Wand runs on a Lithium-Ion battery. Even when it is at a 1% charge, it will continue to draw the necessary amount of power to operate your shades at the correct speeds until it hits 0%.  

Low Battery - Rechargeable Wand

Low Battery Notifications

The battery charge lasts up to one year, depending on shade use. When PowerView Automated blinds are installed and the battery needs to be recharged, homeowners get a notification via email or from the PowerView App indicating which shades have low batteries.

Full Battery - Rechargeable Wand

Quickly Swap or Charge

The custom-designed Dual Charging Station makes it easy to keep fully charged spare Battery Wands on hand: Simply unsnap the low battery from the magnetic mount behind the shade, snap a fully charged spare into the mount, and place the removed Rechargeable Battery Wand into the Dual Charging Station so it’s ready for the next time. Alternatively, the Rechargeable Battery Wand can be charged in place while still mounted to the shade using the optional single charger. Both options fully charge the battery wand in under three hours.

HunterDouglas Rechargeable Battery Upgrade Kit

Frustrated with constantly changing your AA batteries? Come into any Blind Magic location and upgrade to the new Rechargeable Batteries.

Volume Discount Pricing

  • Save $10/wand on 5 or more
  • Save $20/wand on 10 or more
  • Save 25% off installation changeout!
  • Save 25% off the dual charger

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$105.00 includes the following items:

Hunter Douglas Rechargeable Wand

Lithium Battery


Hunter Douglas Rechargeable Battery Mount

Mounting Bracket


Powered Blinds Wand Charging Chord

Cord - 15", 10' or 20'


Additional Items

Hunter Douglas Dual Power Charger

Dual Charging Dock


Hunter Douglas Rechargeable Battery Power Charger

Single Charging Cord


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