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What Commercial Blind Options Are Available Near Edmonton, AB?

Commercial blinds keep your business comfortable for clients and employees. They allow light control and privacy and look incredible on your windows. But what commercial blinds are available near Edmonton, Alberta? Blind Magic carries commercial window treatment solutions from Altex® and Hunter Douglas. We can help you find what you need, so you have one less thing to worry about.

Commercial blinds in a meeting room near Edmonton, Alberta (AB)

Why Get Commercial Blinds?

The bottom line is essential whether you operate a big or small business. Commercial blinds have business needs in mind compared to those for residential spaces. They look sharp, drawing the eye and adding a modern edge to the look of your building. But they do so much more on the inside:

  • They reduce glare so you can work on screens or phones without issue. This feature will let your employees do their jobs more effectively. And if you own a business, like a restaurant or a café, that sees a lot of patrons, they’ll stay longer and buy more.
  • They increase your energy efficiency. When hot air isn’t pouring in during the summer and escaping during the winter, the building is more comfortable, and you spend less on energy usage. This feature saves you money. And if you have people going in and out all the time, that can make a huge difference.
  • Natural light and a view can improve the atmosphere and the aesthetic, even if the view is just the building next door. Natural light can also make a product display more enticing.
  • Sound reduction. Outside noise can be a distraction, whether the construction going on down the street, sirens wailing, or just the wind hitting the windows, but commercial window treatment solutions reduce it.
  • Whether employees are handling sensitive documents, you have a meeting with an important client, or your patrons are planning a surprise party, commercial blinds can provide the privacy they need to feel more secure.

Best Commercial Blind Options Available

Near Edmonton, Alberta, Blind Magic carries commercial window treatment solutions from Altex® and Hunter Douglas. Commercial blinds come in hundreds of colors and multiple fabric options, including screens, so you can find commercial window treatment solutions that fit your business.

Depending upon your needs, some may offer a better solution. Here are some commercial blind options:

  • Hunter Douglas RB 500+ are available in 70 fabrics in over 500 colors. Dual shades are available so that you can increase privacy and light control.
  • Moduline™ Roller Shades use high-performance fabrics to control light in see-through screens or opaque fabrics. They can be installed above the ceiling to enhance the appearance.
  • Hunter Douglas Vertical Blinds stack to the side, making them an excellent choice for high or wide windows. The fabric vanes rotate to create a room-darkening effect for privacy or let in natural light.
  • Deko™ Roller Shades are sophisticated and discreet. Select from high-performance, sustainable, screen-style fabrics or opaque fabrics.

Get Your Commercial Window Treatment Solutions Today!

It’s time to upgrade your business with commercial blinds. Select the best commercial blind options near Edmonton, Alberta, at Blind Magic. Our professional staff can help you find what you need to meet your needs and answer your questions. Call or fill out our online form to request a consultation. We proudly serve Edmonton, Sherwood Park, St. Albert, Alberta, and Northern Alberta. Contact us today!

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