Restaurant Blinds Edmonton

Restaurant Blinds Edmonton

We (Blind Magic) offer restaurant blinds for business in Edmonton and the surrounding area. The most common restaurant blinds we offer are Faux Wood Blinds or Roller Shades.

Faux Wood Restaurant Blinds

Faux wood blinds can provide an upscale look, that adds to the ambience of the restaurant. But they get dirty much faster, and can be a pain to clean due to the hot grease that accumulates on them. Also faux wood blinds are extremely heavy for large windows. This means they can be difficult to raise up and break down on a frequent basis.

Roller Shades Restaurant Blinds

Roller shades don’t have quite the elegant appearance, but are much more practical for restaurant. They have virtually no horizontal surface area, so there is no chance for grease, dirt and grime to build up on them. They also have a simple lift system, that means they break down much less. There is no tilter & no slates to break. And the fabric shade is much lighter, making them much easier to raise & lower.

Free Estimate

We offer Free Estimates for Restaurant Blinds in Edmonton & the surrounding area. Give us a call at (780) 484-2390 and ask for an in-person commercial estimate for restaurant blinds. We’ll come out to your restaurant, take measurements for the blinds. We’ll help you select the blinds that will match best with your restaurant decor, then give you a quote for the project.


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