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How To Use Window Treatments as Insulation

Brrrrrrr! The winter chill has hit hard! If you’re feeling icy wind seep through your doors and wondering how to keep cold air from coming through your windows, visit Blind Magic near Edmonton, Alberta. We carry Hunter Douglas window treatments, several of which can help insulate your windows, especially cellular shades. But don’t forget layers! Just like layering up will help you stay warm in winter, it’ll help your windows, too. Let us show you how easy it is to keep warm this winter!

Hunter Douglas Duette® Cellular Shades in a home office near Edmonton, Alberta (AB)

Do Cellular Shades Insulate?

Good news for your windows – cellular shades have a high R-value when compared to other window treatments. R-value measures how effectively a specific type of insulation blocks heat flow. Cellular shades do insulate, and in doing so, they help keep the warm air inside your home. The honeycomb-shaped cells inside cellular shades reduce the cold air that seeps into your home or business. They also keep hot air from passing through and escaping to the outdoors.

We measure and install our cellular shades precisely to fit your window, so they should provide a tight seal. However, you might also need to caulk and weatherstrip to prevent cold air from entering your windows. Taking this step in fall or early winter can add to the effectiveness of your window treatments.

One more thing you can do? Select curtains or drapes made of a heavier material and hang those in place of your usual drapery. Insulating curtains will trap any cold air that makes its way through to keep it from circulating throughout your home.

Types of Cellular Shades Near Edmonton, Alberta

At Blind Magic, we carry the full range of Hunter Douglas cellular shades. The following cellular shades will insulate your windows in order from least to most insulating:

  • Sonnette® Roller Shades: Combining the ease and functionality of roller shades with the insulating properties of a cellular shade results in this simple-looking roller shade that insulates and improves energy efficiency.
  • Duette® Cellular Shades: Provide energy efficiency, insulation, and sound absorption. Select from a range of luxurious fabrics, including recycled options. We can customize them to fit any window, including arches, circles, bay windows, sliding glass doors, and skylights, to reduce the cold coming through your windows.
  • Applause® Cellular Shades: These use four layers of fabric to create a double pocket, leading to even better energy efficiency, sound absorption, and insulation than any other cellular shade.

Block Cold Today!

Now that you know how to keep cold air from entering your windows, contact us today! Before the short days, long nights, and cold winds blast through, block the gaps in your windows and get your cellular shades. Blind Magic in Edmonton, Alberta, can help you determine which cellular shades are best for your home and the colors that will complement your style. Fill out our online form or stop by our showroom to see our shades, blinds, and shutters and envision how they’d look in your home. We proudly serve residential clients in Edmonton, Sherwood Park, St. Albert, Alberta, and Northern Alberta.

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