Hunter Douglas Shipping Delays

Blog Post: Hunter Douglas Shipping Delays Explained

Why Blinds Shipments Are Being Delayed

Over the past year and a half or so, you have probably heard of products being shipped to Canada experiencing a high amount of delays. From new computer parts to car manufacturers not being able to sell anything until the delayed shipment of chips comes in, blinds from Hunter Douglas are no exception.

When you place a new blinds order from anywhere in Canada for new Hunter Douglas blinds, the coverings are custom-made in North America, however, small integral parts still need to be imported via cargo ships. These parts can be as small as a 25-cent plastic clip which is needed to complete install of the blinds.

Just off the coast of Los Angeles, there are currently a mass amount of ships waiting their turn to come in and get shipped across North America. We usually quote 4-5 weeks for shipping products, however, now with these cargo ship delays we are quoting 5-6 weeks. The one-week difference may not seem like that long, but going without blinds in your home can raise concerns about privacy and insulation. As this is something completely out of ours, Hunter Douglas’ and your control, we appreciate your patience while waiting for your new blinds to come in.

Cargo Ship delays are not the only issue North America is facing. The actual trucks that pick up the product from the ships are now causing issues. Over 50% of transport trucks are no longer showing up to the ports and being used elsewhere which affects your blinds shipment. 

So if you are hoping to get blinds installed before winter takes full effect, your best bet is to order them as soon as you can because there is no current ETA on when this worldwide shipping shortage will end. 

For a full breakdown and additional information regarding this article, please watch the following video.

The Blind Magic Solution

Blind Magic is at the forefront of customer service in the Window Coverings industry here in Edmonton. We are in contact with Hunter Douglas every single day getting updates and communicating with them in regards to your orders. We understand the frustration that can come along with not getting your product on time. At Blind Magic, we believe that every window should have a covering at all times. If your shipment has been delayed, or only part of your order has arrived, we will install temporary shades on your windows! 

Yes! You read that right! Our installers will bring along temporary shades that will stay up in your windows until we come back and install the new ones. We hope that this temporary solution will allow you to feel at peace knowing your windows are covered and you get the privacy you need from them while you wait. 

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